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Future Stars Media is a malty Media and Technology Company. Established in 2020, Future Stars Media operates within its own divisions including Future Stars Hosting, Future Stars Retail Solutions and Future Stars Telecomunications.

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Future Stars Media Is A Malty Media And Technology Company. Established In 2020, Future Stars Media Operates Within Its Own Divisions Including Future Stars Hosting, Future Stars Retail Solutions And Future Stars Telecomunications.

Since 2020

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Our History

Our Company History

Future Stars Media was officially registered on October 2020.

On November 2020, we established our News Agency division My World Global.

On January 2021 we launched our Web Hosting division Future Stars Hosting.

On March 2021 We Launched our wide range of Telecomunications Services.

On August 2021 We Launched our Retail Solutions Divission with wide range of services.